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My name is Helen Muniappa, and I am based in Bramcote Nottingham. I offer individual counselling and couples counselling throughout Nottingham and surrounding areas, both face to face, online or telephone.

You might be feeling depressed, anxious, feel like you have lost touch with yourself or maybe you might want to make changes in your life and are not sure where to start.

Whatever is going on for you, I will work with you to find your own direction, offering a safe space to explore the things that are important to you.

You will set the agenda, because this is your space to talk about whatever matters to you, I will follow you on your journey to getting to know and understand yourself better.

Asking for help for the first time can feel like a huge step, one that I can help you with by offering you an accepting, understanding, genuine relationship, with a safe space that is yours. Being fully listened to without judgement can be a rare experience, one that I can offer you.

This is your safe space for you to explore what matters to you in your time and at your own pace.

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Google Reviews

Heather Clark
Heather Clark
Very happy with the service provided by Helen.
Jacob Halliday
Jacob Halliday
Used Helen across a number of months and she’s been fantastic with me. Thank you Helen.
Josh Dunning
Josh Dunning
Very happy with the service provided. Thanks again


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How I Work

I am Person-Centred, which is a non-directive approach. I believe you are the expert in your life, and together we will find the answers to your difficulties at your pace and in your own time. I will be honest, empathise and not judge you, helping you to explore ways of making sense of your thoughts and feelings in a safe confidential space.

What To Expect At Your First Session

Our first session is to gain an understanding of what is going on for you, and what your expectations from counselling might be.

In order to work effectively, there are some ethical boundaries that need to be agreed and observed. This is in the form of a Counselling Agreement.

It is important you feel comfortable with me as your counsellor. Therefore, I offer a first individual session at a reduced fee of £30, couples first sessions are at a reduced fee of £50.

I work with individual adults and couples (over 18) face-to-face, online or by telephone within the UK only.

Sessions work on a weekly basis, however, this can be flexible depending on what feels comfortable for you.

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MNCP DBS CPCAB Counselling